Dr. Peter Enzsöl criminal lawyer provides full legal services for perpetrators (suspected, accused or convicted persons) or for plaintiffs in Budapest and if it is needed in the whole territory of Hungary as well.

My office was established in 2008., and still functions under the same Seat (H-1113 Budapest, Elek street 6.). During my former activities, I was involved in several media-focused serious cases (crimes that may be punished with life sentence, such as homicide or drug trafficking).

I look at these experiences as better references than any other advertisement possible. So far, most of my foreign clients have come from the Netherlands, Belgium, Turkey, Israel and Russia.

I think in any case the most important elements are the followings: collecting all the relevant information, keeping in contact with the client and the named persons by the client, and preparing for the most effective defence under the given circumstances.

I am at your disposal on my contacts. Regarding my schedule, I prefer email (iroda@drenzsol.com) or telegram, WhatsApp, Signal application as a first form of contact.